5 Stroller Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

stroller accessories

Walking around with your little one in their stroller is one of the more enjoyable things about going out with your little one, sometimes. Of course there are lots of nifty little things out there to make the ride more enjoyable for everyone. These 5 fun stroller accessories we found are all amazing ideas to help your little one stay entertained, comfortable and safe!

stroller accessories

Dreambaby® Strollerbuddy® Stroller Blanket Clips

These beauties are a mom’s dream come true when it comes to traveling along with blankets. Done are the days or constantly stopping to restuff a blanket so it doesn’t drag along a dirty or even wet ground. Using these beauties you can keep those blankets in place. You never have to worry about them falling and getting pulled into the wheels and are especially great when you have an extra squirmy baby.

stroller accessories

Valco Baby Tire Pump

For those of you with a stroller that needs its tires pumped up I found it essential to have my own tire pump and patch kit in case anything happened. It is even handy to have on you when you go out with a group of friends and their babies as you never know who might be coming unprepared and might need a hand. Making sure you don’t get stuck while out and about is essential to keeping your peace of mind.

stroller accessories

SkyGenius Mini Fan

On any hot day this will make sure the breeze is always blowing on your little one, helping them stay as cool as possible on those long hot days out having fun with the family. Being out and about as a family is so important and keeping baby as happy as possible so you can ensure everyone is enjoying their day. This SkyGenius mini fan is perfect for any stroller or desk so even mom can enjoy it! It is a great addition to any stroller and I think a must in the especially hot summer days. It might even make some hot bystanders a little jealous!

stroller accessories

Lil’ Sidekick Toy Leash

If you have a little one that loves his toys but also loves to play fetch with mom then you need this. The Lil’ Sidekick toy leash is perfect so that you aren’t constantly picking things up and cleaning them off before baby can take them again just to toss them yet again onto the floor. These are even easy to clean too making them perfect for a mom with little to no time on her hands. Coming in all different colors too you are bound to find out that will match great with your little one’s style or your stroller.

stroller accessories

Valco Baby Universal Pocket Pouch

Whenever I had a stroller I always found that there top storage area was a little lacking. Finding a replacement that would work on my strollers throughout the years was essential. It would allow me to leave my purse at home and take the just what I needed, especially if you feel a little hesitant leaving your entire purse in the bottom storage area. Or perhaps you just want to save the space for other things. Getting yourself this beauty will make everything super simple and keep the rest of your stroller storage space.

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