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Traveling with kids can be a challenge especially when it comes to bedtime. Obviously, you can’t bring along your regular crib so you need something just as comfortable. Convenience is also key when it comes to travel cribs and Guava Family has your back. Their crib is easily transportable, lightweight, simple to set up and so much more. Your little ones are going to want to use this even at home!


Who Is The Guava Family?

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The Guava Family is a small dedicated group of family-oriented people with the hopes of making our lives as parents a little simpler, more efficient, and elegant. They only use high-quality materials and work with trusted partners to only produce products that are safe enough for their own children to use. They also put their products through as many third-party safety tests as possible to guarantee their products are safe.


Lotus Travel Crib

Not every place you go is going to have an ideal place for your little one to sleep. While lots of people choose to co-sleep that may not be an option as well. Guava Family has come out with the Lotus which is an incredibly ingenious bed that is easily transportable to any destination even on a plane. Read along as we share some of our favorite features about this must-have product.


  • Side Zipper Door – Unzip the lockable side door, help your little one fall asleep or turn the travel crib into a crawl-friendly playard.
  • Super Sturdy Frame – The aluminum frame and overbuilt hinges will stand up to years of travel and abuse from your little ones.
  • Comfortable Mattress – An insulated, waterproof mattress made out of high-quality padding for more comfort and protection.
  • Easy To Transport – To keep your hands free while traveling, the Lotus Carry Bag converts to a comfortable backpack.
  • Lighter Than The Rest – At 13lbs, the Lotus is over 50% lighter than traditional, raised-mattress style portable cribs.
  • Airport Friendly – The 3D fold allows the Lotus Travel Crib to be small enough to carry through airports.
  • GreenGuard Gold Certified – The Guava Family has your child’s health at the top of their priorities and as such wants to make sure their products are completely chemical-free.


Floor Resting Mattress

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The Lotus Travel Crib has a floor-resting mattress which is different from other travel cribs. There are several benefits to this and here is why!

  • Supporting the weight of a suspended mattress can cause it to shake or squeak sometimes waking your baby.
  • The mattress support structure in traditional raised platform cribs adds to the total packed size and weight making them harder to travel or store in your home.
  • Sleeping in an unfamiliar place can be scary for your baby so, having the mattress on the floor allows you to be able to climb in and comfort your little one.

Would this be something your family could use for travel?

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