Meet The Beautiful Lalo 3-in-1 High Chair


Your little one will spend lots of time as a part of the family in their high chair at the dinner table. Having a chair that grows along with your child can be a huge asset. That is where The Chair by lalo comes in! This is the only chair you will need for your child and I’m here to share why that is!


Who Is Lalo?

Lalo makes baby products parents are proud to own. They are putting the same exacting care into every design as you do to the job of parenting. Setting out to provide each parent value beyond just their products. Founded by 2 dads, they know a little bit about the challenges parents face when raising their little one.


The Chair


Being environmentally conscious is so important these days. Many of us are buying whatever is easiest and those products break or only serve you for a very short period of time. Lalo has solved this issue with their chair as it is made from well-crafted products and grows along with your child eliminating the need to purchase a brand new booster seat or play chair for your child.

  • Easy To Clean -Smooth surfaces and machine-washable accessories make for quick cleanups. We all know how crazy things can get at dinner time so anything helps.
  • 3 in 1 – The Chair easily adapts to fit your little one’s needs. Use the high chair setting for younger babies starting solids, and convert it into a booster seat (conversion kit sold separately) to give them a seat at the table. And when your little one isn’t so little anymore, turn it into a Play Chair.
  • Booster Seat – purchase the conversion kit here
  • Materials – Legs: Sustainably sourced FSC Certified beech wood; Seat, Tray, Belly Bar, Foot Rest: Non-toxic plastic; Cross Bar: Aluminum; Straps: Nylon; Cushion: Cotton
  • Ages–  4mo.+ (or when they can sit up on their own) and up to 3 years old, Play Chair: 1 yr.+ and supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Incredibly Comfortable – The Chair is designed to support your little one even before they can reach the footrest, but we’ve also adjusted the footrest to come up a little higher—making it more comfortable for younger babies to use. Simply flip over the footrest to make room as they grow.


What is it that you look for in a high chair? Leave it in the comments down below

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