Say Hello To Luxury With The Bugaboo Fox 3


We all need a stroller that does it all including shopping in the city, walks with grandma, hikes on bumpy terrain, and more. This is where Bugaboo comes in and gives us the Fox 3 stroller. This is one of their most popular models and that is no surprise to me and I am excited to share why!


Who is Bugaboo?

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Twenty years ago Bugaboo stepped into the baby gear business with its sleek designs and beautiful fabrics. Reducing their environmental impact is incredibly important to them as well and they take many measures to accomplish this. Including responsibly sourcing materials, providing healthy working conditions in their factory, and being a positive force in communities near and far.


Bugaboo Fox 3

This new and improved stroller is top of the game with its easy maneuverability, advanced suspension, ergonomic design, and that it is designed by you! Plus, tons of other amazing features like these.


  • Fingertip Push – their stroller is so easily responsive you could push it with a fingertip alone down a smooth street or a bumpy path
  • Advanced Suspension – The central joint paired with 4-wheel suspension and large puncture-proof wheels make for a smooth, steady ride perfect for long, undisturbed naps. The unique wheel spring suspension lets you glide over bumps and swiftly turn a tight radius when a surprise corner needs to be turned.
  • Pram Body – The roomy pram body has a ventilation system that will help your new baby feel comfortable by helping them regulate their body temperature. The pram also has mesh sides allowing your babe to look outside at the world around them as you walk.
  • Quick-Click Harness –  Those quick kiddos need a sturdy harness to keep them safe while riding along. So, Bugaboo came out with their version of the 5-point harness. With an easy-to-press button and padded straps, your little one won’t want to ever get out.
  • Aerated Mattress – A high-performance mattress that is sure to be sleep-inducing. With advanced 3d mesh that enhances breathability which helps babies regulate body temperature so they are comfortable no matter the weather.
  •  Color Choices – Their new range of color choices is sure to inspire you and your adventures. From stormy blue canopy to forest green footmuff you’re sure to find a uniquely stunning color your family will love.
  • Chassis Color – Choose the styled by Bugaboo pram set or build your own in three simple steps at check out
  • Fabrics – Pick from three incredible fabrics and textures with premium detailing. Their fabrics are water repellent perfect for fun walks in the rain.


These beautiful strollers are at many baby stores near you or you can order one online here!

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