Stokke Tripp Trapp Simplicity At It’s Finest

Let’s be honest that a lot of baby gear isn’t the most esthetically pleasing. So many companies are about functionality and not as much about a look that would fit into any space. The Tripp Trapp by Stokke is a cut above as they incorporate the best of both worlds into the high chair that grows along with your child.


Who Is Stokke?

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The Norwegian-based company is recognized worldwide for best-in-class solutions for children. For over 40 years they have combined their passion for Scandinavian design with the ability to challenge the ordinary and make beautiful products that nurture family bonding. They are infamous for their high chairs but have branched out to cribs, nursery furniture, strollers, travel products, and more.


Tripp Trapp High Chair

 Launched in 1972 by Peter Opsvik the Tripp Trapp high chair was a revolutionary piece of baby gear. The ingenious, adaptable design allows for freedom of movement in height and foot placement. Tripp Trapp® chairs are produced in the European Union. All wood and wood-based parts are required to meet E.U. Timber Regulations and in so doing, support a responsible forestry and wood industry. Having your child up at the table with you is so incredibly important for bonding and development.


  • Highly Adjustable Seat and Foot Plate Positions
  • The Newborn Set – lifts your baby to table height to join you at the family table from day one. With 2 angle adjustable positions and excellent leg support, your newborn has assured a cozy environment. Safe & simple to use, it can easily be attached and removed from the Tripp Trapp® chair. Red-green indicators reassure you it is mounted correctly and includes a 5-point harness with protective shoulder pads. Newborn to 9 kg.
  • The Baby Set – At around six to nine months, your child will be able to begin sitting upright unaided. The Tripp Trapp® Baby Set gently supports your baby to comfortably sit at the table. When your child is a toddler & can confidently climb in and out of their chair on their own, you can remove the Baby Set.
  • Longevity – The Tripp Trapp® chair is made primarily of European beech and oak woods, some of the best of which are found in central Europe and sourced responsibly following the principles of sustainability. Known for their strength, durability, and flexibility, both beech and oak wood are natural choices for making furniture that lasts for generations.
  • Imagine In Your Space – Use AR to see the Tripp Trapp chair in your space at home.



Stokke Tray

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The Tripp Trapp® chair is designed to fit right into your table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family. However, for certain occasions, a tray that fits on the chair with Tripp Trapp® Baby Set can be a valuable accessory.


Tripp Trapp Baby Cushion

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This beautiful addition to the high chair is made from Made with 60% recycled and 40% virgin polyester filling, organic cotton, and dyed with extracts from acorns.


Stokke Storage

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Made exclusively for our iconic chair, Tripp Trapp® Storage is perfect for small spaces. Designed to attach seamlessly onto Tripp Trapp®, it neatly holds baby´s mealtime must-haves, and keeps bibs and toys where you can find them. Later, as your child grows, they can keep their games and art supplies in their favorite chair


Ezpz Playmat By Stokke

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The ezpz™ by Stokke™ mat is an all-in-one placemat and bowl that’s made to fit the Stokke® Tray for Tripp Trapp®. The unique functionality means that it stays in place to contain those inevitable messes at mealtimes and prevents tipped bowls and plates.

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