The Dynamic Maxi-Cosi Cassia Swing


Sometimes as a parent we can use an extra set of hands to help comfort our baby while we take a bathroom break or cook a meal. While that isn’t always an option there are products on the market that can help sense a fussy baby and jump into action. The Maxi-Cosi Cassia swing is one of those amazing gadgets that are able to calm your little one.

Who Is Maxi-Cosi?

For over 35 years, they have designed car seats were born in the Netherlands in 1984, and have become the generic name for the entire baby car seat category in Europe. They invented the first travel system (Maxi-Taxi), and recently introduced the first car seat with Airbag technology (AxissFix Air)., strollers, and travel systems that are fully equipped for all that parenthood has in store.


Cassia Electric Swing


This perfectly stylish swing is an incredible asset to have around your home. We love its neutral color palate that easily fits in with any color scheme in your house. As well as how lightweight and transportable it is. Long gone are the days of massive, brightly colored swings that take up your entire living room. The Cassia is an incredibly simple product to use but effective between the melodies, swaying motion, and dangling toys in black and white for your newborn to enjoy.


Here are some more fantastic features

  • Intuitive Technology – Cassia instinctively rocks your baby when they need it. The automatic motion detector activates the swing mode when your baby’s fussy.
  • Lightweight – With a weight of only 4 kilos, simply take Cassia to wherever in the house you might need it. Its space-saving frame makes it a perfect fit
  • See Your Baby From Anywhere – Cassia rotates 360 degrees, so wherever you are in the room you’re able to have eyes on them and ensure they are safe.
  • Finishes – Its luxurious finishing and high-quality fabrics give it a stylish design that perfectly matches any interior
  • Toys – The Cassia baby swing comes with two toys to give your baby something to look at. They are black and white so that your newborn baby is able to enjoy them even more.
  • Recline – Two recline positions make it easy if your little one dozes off
  • Swing Directions –  offering two swing positions ( back and forth and side to side)
  • 12 Soothing Melodies – You are sure to find something soothing that your little one will enjoy






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